Goumukhasana — strengthen your liver with the cow head pose

Goumukhasana — strengthen your liver with the cow head pose


The Goumukhasana or the cow head pose has immense edges. It helps to
yoga cow-face pose.jpg
yoga cow-face pose.jpg
resolve hernias and upset (fluid build up within the testis). It conjointly helps a person management his ejaculation a lot of effectively. It conjointly helps strengthen the liver, kidneys and system.

This cause is ideally done whereas putting all of your weight on your knees. however if you suffer from severe arthritis, you'll be able to sit in padmasana to try to to this cause. If you'd prefer to attempt doing thisasana on your knees, bend them and place them on a yoga mat – specified your higher body is erect and your keens take all of your weight. make certain your toes ar inform downward and ar driving towards the bottom.

Now take your right and bend it at the elbows and place it behind your back. make certain your finger tips ar inform upwards and ar near your spine. Take your paw higher than your head, whereas bending it at the elbow higher than your head. Now, whereas putting it at the back end of your neck, try and grasp your right with it. The aim of this position is for you to be ready to hold your hands behind your back.

Breathe commonly and obtain out of this cause by 1st sitting down and so transportation your hands back to their traditional position.

Tip: you would possibly not be ready to place your hands along. this can be solely because of an absence of flexibility and it'll improve with time.

Also do that yoga asana: Veerbhadrasana

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